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Our history

Our beginnings as a company took place in 2008 as "Sonntag & Rote" suppliers of raw materials for the wholesale market together with the representation of "Thode + SCOBEL (THOSCO)", a leading German company in the distribution of raw materials. As of 2015, a new approach to the retail market emerged in the company with the name of "Rote de Costa Rica", directly importing raw materials for the elaboration of personal care products among others. Our approach is to help small artisans and companies develop and manufacture quality products by providing them with the best raw materials.

Rote Costa Rica

Cosméticos naturales

Our mission is to provide the regional and global market with a distribution of a wide range of raw materials for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical and industry sectors in general.


Our vision is to offer the client quality products, value for their investment and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Our company is based on more than a decade of experience, founded on trust and good relationships with our customers, manufacturers and consumers of raw materials in general.

Due to our direct contact with the industry, we have at your disposal an extensive range of high quality products for our clients.

We can design as required, a logistic of supply, transport, storage and proper documentation.

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